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be here now.


Today I reached into my bag to grab my matΓ© only to find the jar was in shards and my caffeine was soaking into my belongings and then I passed out sitting up eating a burrito for a couple hours. Thanks @allbaddays for supporting my cynicism, I know you’d step out of the way in a trust fall. #nma #it’salluphillfromhere #constantstateofdisarray #deepwell

The disassociating hard/still a human being inside of a body conflict. #killyourparents @lavxndula

Today’s drink special at Canteen courtesy of the genius mind of @sleepyjess. Apple, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, lemon & ginger all juiced & blended with ice. The heat turns me into the biggest pissy baby but this perfect creation turned my day around, so if you’re in Portland come in and I’ll make you one! (Lookin’ at you @mikey_wayne)

Empath makes a list entitled ‘ways I have manipulated and wronged others’ and shares it with a stranger.

Testing it out.

Receiving actual butterfly kisses.