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be here now.


This was taken on one of the best nights of my life. Nolan and I sat in line for four hours to get ยฃ5 tickets (there were only 8 - we were 7&8 in line) to see Matilda (the musical) because it was an otherwise sold out show the entire time we were in London. I cried the entire time. I still read a lot and I still believe that it gives me magical powers. IF YOU SEE THIS MAN TELL HIM I MISS HIM.

Photo 666/669.

"Constructive/Deconstructive ramblings of a hyper-intuitive individual at the peak emergence of a quarter-century self-awareness, pt. 1.

The well deepens.”

"The first in a continued effort to connect disconnected thoughts to self knowledge and the greater population of lost ones."

If anyone is interested in one of these please either drop a line in my inbox or e-mail . They are free, but I will absolutely accept donations (printing/postage) to keep this train moving!



WELCOME TO MY WORLD, STRANGERS. #zine #perzine #feelings #myfeelings #ghostpuddle #expressive


eternal-decay c-o-m-m-u-n-e The sad-bastard struggle.ย 

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A girl came and gave me her last Popsicle while I was reading at the park before work! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Stabbed my eyes a lot and took this very natural open-mouthed selfie #crookedteeth #accomplishments

Black Lodge Burlesque.

in heaven everything is fine